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Seven years ago, yep, the years are passing by like a flip of a page, we walked through the doors of opportunity & leaped to start up our business that revolved around creating an exclusive sea experience, offering private charters in Aruba.

Expect the unexpected & have faith in the path that has been set out for you and leap forward and grasp the opportunities that lie ahead for you; and that’s exactly what we did. With an unexpected purchase of a 55 ft motor yacht in Borgwedel, Germany, opportunity knocked in the form of an emigration to my birthplace Aruba, a new business and a beautiful daughter, that materialized within a blink of an eye in the span of 7 years!

aruba sunset heart strea chartersAs any budding entrepreneur would tell you, you face major hurdles and obstacles as you commence on your path to turn your business idea into reality and with it come exuberant working hours & constant chatter & whispers in your ears that clutter your mind with obstacles. But as you persevere, you learn how to sweat out the small stuff, turn obstacles into opportunities and keep your eyes set on the big picture and with immense hard work, dedication, passion and belief in your ability to succeed Success follows.

During the course of the past 7 years, we have met so many wonderful people. And of course it is easy to meet nice people under these circumstances; our guests are on vacation, they love the warm temperature, the sun, the beaches, the happy islanders, the service, the pampering. It’s not difficult to be in a good mood while vacationing in Aruba. But once on our boat, the conversations have been a variety of interesting business tips, constructive criticism and good laughs!

Esther - John Pezij and IsabelWe love our boat and we are very passionate about offering intimate and private snorkel cruises featuring the incredible under water world at Mangel Halto Reef. Cooking is also one of our favorite things to do and the specialties we serve during our ‘lounge style’ dinner cruises are all home made with love and exquisite…let me say so myself 😉 The atmosphere is very relaxing and the sunset breathtakingly beautiful.

Have faith in your choices, take the leap through the doorway of opportunity, live a life worth living filled with love & compassion & seize the opportunity to lead the life you always wanted.

As for us, our journey continues full steam ahead, while we continue to juggle & balance life, work, parenthood, our flare for entrepreneurship and the abundance of opportunities knocking at our door, which make our heart beat faster.