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The stamp on your passport at arrival to this island illustrates the words: “Bon Bini na Aruba”. Ah! You are finally ashore to soak up this special

Caribbean destination: Aruba, where happiness lives.

Let us share with you the facts and figures of our beautiful island:

  • Geography: 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, totaling 77 square miles / 193 square kilometers
  • Location: 12.0 3o’ north latitude; 70.o west longitude. 19 miles / 31 kilometers north of the Venezuelan coast. 1820 nautical miles from New York City. 990 nautical miles from Miami. 890 nautical miles from the equator
  • Climate: Little variation from yearly average og 81 F / 27 C tempered by northeasterly trade winds; outside the hurricane belt
  • Time zone: Atlantic Standard Time year-round (equivalent to Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
  • Population: 106.195 Central Bureau of Statistics July 2013
  • Language: Official languages are Dutch and Papiamento. English and Spanish are widely spoken
  • Political structure: Since 1986, an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands overseen by the Constitutional Monarchy with a democratically elected government. The Chief of State is the Governor, appointed by the King of the Netherlands to represent him for a period of 6 years. The Head of Government is the Prime Minister elected every 4 years who holds executive power with a Council of Ministers and is sustained by a 21-member Parliament
  • Judicial System: The safeguarding of the fundamental rights and freedoms, legal certainty and proper administration of the law is under jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the cooperation of the Aruban Minister of Justice. Judges of the Common Court in Aruba are appointed by the King
  • Defense and External Affairs: The Kingdom of the Netherlands is responsible for defense (hence, the Royal Marine Camp in Savaneta) and external political and diplomatic relations.

Aruba is an amazing melting pot of cultures offering wonderful food from all over the world, all kinds of activities and fantastic international shopping. But what really sets Aruba apart is the safe and hospitable feeling you get everywhere on the island combined with the beautiful world class beaches (3 of Aruba’s beaches made the top 25 list of Tripadvisor this week!) that surround it. A simple and rare combination.

We invite you to create loving and lasting memories by participating in all possible activities on this paradise, which we luckily get to call home 😉