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flying fishbone

Yesterday we had the great pleasure to host a family of seven on board our motor yacht and they had a special request; “we would like to book a day charter”. So we prepared a nice route starting at Surfside Marina and cruise into the South East direction along the coastline. We”ve been living in Aruba now for 7 years and the scenery we view from the boat is still breathtakingly beautiful…even for us 🙂 Rustic and colorful, it”s nothing like the very touristic scenery one views when heading towards the south west and the Palm Beach area with all the beautiful resorts. Aruba is well known for it”s beautiful white sandy beaches, which you can see when cruising from Druif Beach all the way towards the Lighthouse, but this other side, the more rough side of the island is also very charming.

On one side is the main land with the pittoresk scenery of local yacht clubs and marinas, local fish restaurant and the colorful houses of the Aruban community living in Pos Chikito and Savaneta. On the other side is the long strip of the reef, which starts at the Renaissance island and stretches all the way up to Mangel Halto and beyond. On these reefs you”ll see various huts of the local fishermen which they use in the weekends or during the vacation times to spend time with their friends and family. Some may find they look like shags, but we think they”re quite charming.

We love showing the highlights on this route. We also pass by the Queen Beatrix International airport, the landfill (yes we have one), the water desalination plant and the Balashi Beer Brewery.

Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride 😉